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GWS is the largest manaufactor of climatic chambers and shakers in China.


Guangzhou-GWS Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly state owned high-tech enterprise. It has been focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of reliability and environmental reliability test instruments and equipment.
We were joint ventures and cooperation with foreign enterprise for 17 years. In November 2012, the company bought back 50% of the shares of the joint venture, changed its name to "GWS". GWS currently has three modern production facilities or factories: GWS (Huadu), GWS (Zengcheng), and GWS(Suzhou) with a total area of over 40,000m2 and over 500 employees. Our environmental test chambers and vibration shakers has superior performance with high quality. Our reputation is becoming more and more recognized by customers all over the world.