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amc spin coaters & developers - optimum wafer coating in every respect

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Feldkirch, Austria. amcoss GmbH, an Austrian High-Tech company offers specialized, but at the same time highly flexible equipment for cost-optimized coating and developing of wafers and other substrates with photosensitive resists or other, particularly viscous, substances.

"With our amc machines we do not only realize perfectly individualized process solutions according to our customers´ needs, we also offer maximum cost savings and excellent return on investment at the same time. With amcoss there is no "either-or" - amcoss customers do not have to choose between optimized processes with highest product quality and a positive cost-benefit calculation - at amcoss they receive both at first hand", explains amcoss CEO David Erne.

Modular, flexible, customised – spin coaters & developers of the amc series

The sophisticated product features of amc coaters are laid out to perfect precision and therefore process quality, to increase performance and to reduce production costs. Such features are for example, wafer centering "on-the-move" without the need of a separate positioning station, servo- controlled axles for individual dispense rates and paths, as well as the handling of many different substrate and wafer types without retrofit.

Beside all these aspects another important feature is flexibility. Every customer has got the opportunity to choose their own individual machine configuration from a broad range of coater-, developer- and temperature-modules, various options of distance control and other optional devices. "Only our basic platforms will be the same for all customers, but there is no standard machine configuration", says David Erne. For the amc machine series we offer three sizes of compact basic platforms for a different number of processing modules to be equipped with: amc 1000+, amc 2000+ and amc 2500.

Moreover, every machine can be retrofitted or modified whenever necessary. For this purpose, every machine is designed to be equipped with further processing modules or hotplates. In various cases customers have already taken advantage of this feature.

amcoss machines are very secure and user-friendly, a fact, that goes without saying. So, it is with our open-programmed amc-software. It is probably the heart of our amc coaters and is unrivalled as far as functionality and handling are concerned. Even for more extensive process adaptations no expert programming knowledge is necessary and simple and comfortable recipe creation is possible. A user-friendly and self-explaining user-interface underlines easy operation for the staff concerned. Operators are able, with a few button-clicks, to teach their equipment without the help of a software expert because all relevant teaching options are already covered by the software platform.

amcoss amc r&d coaters for single-item or small-lot production

For the coating of wafers in the diameter range of 2 inches up to 450mm for small lot production, as for example in r&d laboratories, amcoss offers the amc r&d spin coater and developer with manual substrate handling. These coaters are being equipped with the same high-quality processing modules as the fully automated coaters of the amc series except for the wafer handling robot. Type and number of processing modules is determined by the customer, so that every device will be individual and adjusted to the customers´ needs. The integrated wafer-centring-system can be handled manually. With its r&d coater and "reduction to the essential" amcoss GmbH is able to offer an equipment that allows cost-effective operation even at small quantities.

Economic, precise and flexible - amcoss amc 2000+ spin coater and developer in modern design.
Its modular construction on compact platforms and intelligent features are typical for amcoss coaters of the amc series.
The large side windows give a good view into the machine in order to continuously monitor running processes.
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amcoss GmbH
Leusbundtweg 49a
6800 Feldkirch

phone  +43 5522 209 50
telefax  +43 5522 209 50-9


Petra Brandenburg
phone  +43 5522 209 50-41

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