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Strong. Extreme. ClimeEvent!
Strong. Extreme. ClimeEvent!

The new era of environmental simulation.

The new era starts with ClimeEvent, the latest generation of Climate Test Chambers. ClimeEvent makes testing even more reliable, environmentally-friendly and easy to service.

New era - new standards.

The new refrigerant R449A is used in all Climate Test Chambers ClimeEvent. The GWP value of just 1397 ensures safe usage even after the year 2030, because the refrigerant does not have to be replaced. As a result, we are already surpassing the future statutory standards today, making the equipment easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly.

Entering the age of connectivity – with WEBSeason®.

You can program, control and monitor your test at any time and anywhere with the innovative WEBSeason® user interface. WEBSeason® provides a new dimension of flexibility and efficiency.

• Modern and dynamic design with wipe gesture control for intuitive operation.

• Multi-user concept for simultaneous access by multiple users, user rights are assigned individually.

• Easy programming of test sequences and loops.

• Program preview in chart format.

• Worldwide access, even via tablet PC and smartphone.

Precisely engineered - for better performance.

The accurate recirculating air conditioning enables setpoint values for temperature and humidity to be reached with high-precision. Airflow through baffles on the test space floor and ceiling results in a very homogenous spatial distribution of air temperature. The intelligent engineered airflow and the sophisticated control enabled by measurement sensors installed in the supply and exhaust air are key factors in the outstanding performance ability of ClimeEvent.

Are you ready for the new era? Visit us, discover the benefits and get an impression of our latest innovation!

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