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Heidelberg Instruments: Impending new arrivals
Heidelberg Instruments: Impending new arrivals

Heidelberg Instruments GmbH is proud to reveal the soon forthcoming addition of two new systems to their portfolio of maskless aligners and laser lithography instrumentation: The MLA300 and the ULTRA.

The MLA300 is the new Heidelberg Instruments Maskless Aligner for mid to high volume production: it represents the latest and most sophisticated member of the eminently successful Maskless Aligner (MLA) family. All our MLAs eliminate the necessity for a photomask: They enable you to create designs and directly expose them onto a resist-covered surface.

The MLA100 and 150, versatile and fast, are mainly used in the research community, in low volume production and in prototyping environments. The powerful new MLA300 on the other hand fulfils the requirements of mid to high volume production facilities, handling substrate sizes of up to 300 mm and achieving higher throughput. The system is fully automated and SEMI compliant and will address applications such as sensors, MEMs, 3D integration, photovoltaics and many others.

Secondly, Heidelberg Instruments presents a dedicated laser mask writer for the semiconductor industry: The ULTRA. Throughput is a major issue in photomask manufacturing, therefore the ULTRA is designed to provide the most outstanding quality in the shortest time. A 16” reticle, for instance, can be exposed in approximately 4 hours. Mask makers focusing on advanced photomasks such as phase shift masks (PSMs) will particularly benefit from the ULTRA’s qualities: Speed, an advanced data path, and sophisticated, extremely accurate alignment features that are included as standard – the latter fulfil a fundamental requirement for the production of PSMs. The ULTRA represents an economical solution with low cost of ownership, and easily integrates into an existing mask shop infrastructure.

About Heidelberg Instruments: Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik GmbH is one of the world leaders in the production of laser lithography systems, with more than thirty years of experience in maskless lithography and with an installation base of more than 800 systems worldwide. The company designs and produces a variety of maskless pattern generator systems from small and easy to use tabletop systems to highly complex photomask production equipment.

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