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Komax On.Line Trainings
Komax On.Line Trainings
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The Komax Academy offers a wide range of courses for operators, maintenance personnel, shift supervisors and quality control staff. We also offer courses on the fundamentals of wire processing that are designed especially for employees without prior knowledge. Courses generally encompass 20 to 30 interactive pages and can be completed in about 30 minutes. When successfully completed, participants receive a certificate from the Komax Academy. The web-based Komax On.Line Training courses are available around the clock and can be done on any computer or tablet with internet access. Course participants can thus decide when and where they want to learn – and you as the employer can simply set a deadline by which the training has to be completed.
MicroPull 10
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The MicroPull 10 table device can be perfectly tailored to each customer’s needs. Whether single measurements with or without standard specifi cations for quick checking of a pull-off force value or verifi cation of a measurement series, the operator will always be able to select the right mode for the job. Operating the device is easy and intuitive with our completely redeveloped user interface.
Mira 230 / 230Q
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Wire processing today involves a large mix of products as requirements become ever more complex. The Mira 230 and Mira 230 Q from Komax are the answer to this situation. The wire strippers deliver an extraordinarily wide range of applications, simple handling and increased productivity. With special functions and their article library, the models achieve a high level of reproducible quality. The Mira 230 Q now features integrated ACD (Automatic Conductor Detector) incision monitoring. Their ability for sequence processing and the smart design make them the first choice for multi-conductor stripping.
Sigma 688 ST
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The Sigma 688 ST enables a fully automated overall process from processing and twisting to spot taping the open wire ends. It is the first automated solution to fulfill OEM quality requirements for UTP (unshielded twisted pairs) spot taped in the fully automatic twisting machine. Economically integrated and automated, it enables processing of two single wires (bulk goods) in a single step. At the same time, the modular system structure offers maximum flexibility with six stations for process modules as well as a twisting process and a spot taping unit consisting of two spot taping modules.
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