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Ersa HR 500: Flexible repair with high-end technology
Ersa HR 500: Flexible repair with high-end technology
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With the new HR 500, system supplier Ersa presents the full hybrid rework technology for budget-oriented users. The HR 550´s little brother allows flexible repair of standard assemblies up to 380 x 300 mm and component sizes of up to 50 x 50 mm. Further equipment features: 900 W high-performance hybrid heating element, full-surface 1,600 W IR bottom-side heater, high-resolution cameras for placement and process monitoring, ergonomically optimized system operation, modern and user-friendly operating software. All in all, the Ersa HR 500 offers flexible desoldering, placement and soldering of SMT components for cost-conscious reworkers and ensures stable placement and soldering processes.
Ersa EXOS 10/26: Low-void reflow soldering
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Ersa is responding to the increasing packing density of electronic assemblies and the increasing demand for void-free soldering connections in electronics production with the EXOS 10/26, a reflow soldering system with eleven heating zones (top and bottom), three heating circuits for the vacuum chamber and four cooling zones. The absolute highlight of EXOS is the vacuum chamber, with which the void rate can be reduced by up to 99%. The vacuum unit is largely integrated into the machine frame; thanks to the separate, movable module carrier, maintenance work can be carried out conveniently outside the system. Another highlight is the 4-segment transport system, which is lubricant-free in the vacuum module and ensures perfect synchronization with the optional dual track conveyor.
Ersa SolderSMART: Automatic iron soldering
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The Ersa SR 500 enables precise, automatic iron soldering with highest precision! The basis for this is the i-TOOL with 150 W for fast soldering processes at stable soldering temperatures using very fine soldering tips from 0.3 mm up to wide 10 mm tips and more!

This soldering iron has proven itself thousands of times over. The Ersa SolderSMART has a high-precision and low-maintenance axis system whose x/y portal opens a large working range of 500 x 400 mm. Two separate z-axes ensure precise and almost powerless positioning of the soldering tip. In addition, each solder joint can be reached from any direction with the aid of a rotary axis. The SolderSMART allows the programming of single solderings, the soldering of recurring groups (with several identical connectors or in panels) and drag soldering.
Ersa VERSAFLOW 4: The best made even better – the next generation of VERSAFLOW
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More than 2,000 machines worldwide are impressive proof of Ersa´s market leadership in inline selective soldering. The modular concept of the VERSAFLOW 3 series offers almost unlimited combination possibilities. In addition, the VERSAFLOW 4 series convinces with the user interface ERSASOFT 5 and the Ersa CAD Assistant 4 for easy programming. Modules such as VERSAFLEX, VERSAFLUX, VERSA X SYNC provide unique flexibility and maximum throughput, while VERSASCAN and VERSAEYE ensure reproducible quality at highest level. On request, Industry 4.0 can also be supplied with Kurtz Ersa GATE. VERSAFLOW 4 XL is also part of the new machine generation: it is designed for soldering extra-large assemblies that are used for e. g. 5G applications.
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