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106 Chemin de la Gironde
31470 Saint Lys
P  +33 5 61917185
F  +33 5 61913360
M  +33 6 75584106

Flux cleaning systems for PCB, PCBA, Lead Frames, DBC, Power Modules, Wafer
Flux cleaning systems for PCB, PCBA, Lead Frames, DBC, Power Modules, Wafer

Originally design to remove flux on electronic boards after soldering (PCBA), our NC25 system is also able to provide with the same cleaning efficiency on different products such as DBC, Power Modules, Lead Frames, Silicon Wafers...

Using a unique Spray Under Immersion technology (SUI) and thanks to its modular design it can fit your process requirement while offering high throughput within a small foot print and for the lowest operation cost on the market!

Available in different configuration, NC25 proposes a wide range of options such as automatic loading and unloading modules, ultrasonic cleaning, automatic chemistry concentration monitoring and dosing… and specific function like SPC and Traceability of every cleaned products.

Come and see a live demonstration of NC25 capacity and how we can help you solving your cleaning problems.

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