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Witte Technology GmbH

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Specialist for flexible electronics printed under cleanroom conditions

Company profile

We at Witte have developed different sensors in for medical applications, like Temperature, pressure, protein detection and many more sensors. The sensors can also be produced with Stable and stretchable materials depending on the applications. We have the capabilities to produce the prints up to a resolution of 150µm with polyester screen and 100 µm with a metal screen. Our experiences also include with different stake up layers and over prints.
We have the infrastructures to do a 100 percent control of the printed sensors and have a possibility to do a precise laser and punching operations. Apart from sheet to sheet machine, we also have roll to roll machines to print the products which require large area or continuous printed lines.


Witte Technology GmbH
Sendener Stiege 4, 48163 Münster, Germany
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