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Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge manufactures Circular Cutting Tools since 1906

Company profile

Since 1906 Neuhäuser Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH is a family owned company, meanwhile in its fourth generation. It is specialized in the production of highly precise circular cutting tools out of Solid Carbide and Cobalt Steel. Customized slitting saws, circular knives, side- and form milling cutters in tight tolerances are focused by Neuhäuser.

The product range includes

  • Knives to split foils (e.g. battery- and capacitor production)
  • V-Scoring / V-Grooving Cutters and Depaneling Saws and -Knives for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB´S)
  • Wafer dicing blades for Resistor Chips and other metal based- or thermoplastic Chips

Slots starting at 0,1 mm (.004”) in tolerance of 0,005 mm (.0002”) can be realized.