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Pinto Brasil S.A.

Pinto Brasil S.A.
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Pinto Brasil develops Intralogistics and Production Systems

Company profile

Since 1991 Pinto Brasil has dedicated its activity to the development of technical industrial solutions to satisfy customer’s needs. Specialized in metalworking and highly oriented to the automotive industry, Pinto Brasil meets the highest demanding standards, thus being a preferred supplier to some of the largest companies in automotive industry.

Nowadays, the company develops Intralogistics and Production Systems, having today a wide portfolio of solutions answering the needs of automotive partners.

The commitment to R&D is one of the pillars of sustainability of the organization. R&D activities, together with scientific entities, customers, suppliers and other third parties, ensures the reliability and integrability of the solutions.

Product presentations

The CubeStocker

The CubeStocker


Pinto Brasil S.A.
Rua de Pardelhas, n° 87, 4765-420 Guardizela, Guimaraes, Portugal
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