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Häcker Automation GmbH

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We provide innovative solutions for challenging processes in micro assembly.

Company profile

Häcker Automation GmbH is a medium sized enterprise headquartered in Schwarzhausen/Germany. Since 1995, we design, develop and manufacture innovative solutions for challenging and complex production processes, in a multitude of industries for microsystems technology. Innovation is the central theme for us at Häcker Automation. Sharing concepts and opinions, encouraging ideas and departments, thinking “outside the box”, promotes our innovative environment and cultural mindset. That is why partnering with Häcker Automation will bring innovation to your manufacturing processes. We help you to realise your ideas and let you experience machines that give you a new level of quality and performance.


Häcker Automation GmbH
Inselsbergstr. 17, 99880 Waltershausen OT Schwarzhausen, Germany
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