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Manufacturers of Smart THT Production Equipment. Optimise your Hand Assembly.


Do you assemble products by hand?

Optimise your workforce. Streamline, automate and error proof your manual production. Eliminate your rework. Improve your production yield and gain traceability data for your hand assembly build process.  

In the age of Smart Factory production, Robotas delivers Smart Hand Assembly. With over 30 years of expertise, we bring the latest industry trends to the Through Hole production flow, driving quality and greater productivity as we go.

  1. Smart Kitting
  2. SMEMA Board Handling
  3. THT Assembly Stations
  4. Component Clinching
  5. AOI Placement Verification
  6. MRP Integration. 
  7. Traceability

Robotas streamline the manual assembly process for OEM and EMS manufacturers that run a high mix of quality critical products. Our systems are modular, versatile, dependable and affordable.