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FastATE, In-Line test solution, shown & demonstrated at Productronica 2017
FastATE, In-Line test solution, shown & demonstrated at Productronica 2017

At Productronica 2017 in Munich, 6TL will exhibit and demonstrate their 6TL33 modular in-Line Test Handler. This highly successful FastATE test handler has helped already many customers all over the globe to improve on their yields due to its modular, flexible, reliable and reusable design.

The 6TL-33 with its innovative and state of the art design enables any company who need automatic, efficient, flexible and above all reliable in-line testing and being able to implement any testing needs in its production area. If you need RF testing, ICT (In-circuit test), FCT (Functional Test), BST (Boundary Scan Test), HiPod test, ISP (In system Programming) including high speed communication like Gigabit LAN, USB 3, Fire Wire, Display port, HDMI, etc. the 6TL33 is the best test handler for your needs.

The 6TL33 can be configured to do just one of the above mentioned test technologies or a combination of test technologies or even all in one test system is no problem. This enables you to start with one test system and as soon as there is a production need for higher tester throughput your single station 6T33 can easily be extended to a two station or three station 6TL33-3 solution where there will be fixture compatibility over the entire line and the possibility to transfer test technologies like ISP or ICT from the first single unit and move it to the second station.

Its FastATE modular design, the use of YAVmodules in combination with a very reliable VPC 9025 Mass Interconnect solution, Enable you to do these thinks fast and easy. The YAVModules who are located directly inside the Mass Interconnect Interface eliminate cabling and prevent as much as possible moving cabling during test.

The 6TL33 can be equipped with a single, dual or triple transport configuration. The single transport belt can be used when one 6TL test station will cover your entire testing needs it does not have a bypass function while the test is in progress.
The two belt configuration has a bypass functionality ideal for multi test station applications. Due to its innovative design there is no need to adjust your input belt, buffer or flipper station, as the bypass transport belt bridges the test station while it is testing a UUT.

Are you interested in the above FastATE technology, YAVModules, In-line test handlers or our off-line test solutions, please visit us at the Productronica 2017. We will be happy to tell you more, in our booth A1 135.
Not at Productronica this year, visit For more information.

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