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Industriegebiet Süd E 4
63755 Alzenau
Tel.  +49 6188 9935668
Fax  +49 6188 9935665

Koy Young Technology
Koy Young Technology

Koh Young Technology will exhibit its industry-leading full 3D inspection solutions and next-generation Industry 4.0 solutions with the new theme ‘True 3D Now Powered by Intelligent Platform’.

Highlights include:

Industry 4.0 solutions
⇒ Joint live demo of our revolutionary closed-loop software with printers and mounters
⇒ KSMART, the comprehensive smart factory solutions with better-equipped user interface, guaranteeing unprecedented simplicity

3D Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
Unveiling of the new generation 3D AOI configured with 3D Side-View cameras, allowing high height measurement
⇒ Unveiling of the new generation 3D AOI with revolutionary features, allowing up to 70% reduction in JOB Programming

3D Solder Paste Inspection (SPI)
World-Best Performance 3D SPI with the embedded self–diagnosis function, which enables high quality inspection regardless of operator’s skill level

New Solution breakthrough boundaries
Providing industry process improvement with Koh Young unrivalled measurement performance creating new markets beyond SMT

These innovative products and solutions designed to help achieve the best possible quality product and aggregate operation more efficient. For more information and further details on Koh Young Technology, please visit www.kohyoung.com

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