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TX60 cr
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Stäubli is offering more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing cleanroom robotics with the largest range of cleanroom robotic arms in cleanroom class 4 and FS 209E class 10 (8 models) from 400 mm to 2010 mm reach and in supercleanroom class 2/3 and FS209E subclass 1 (6 models) from 400 mm to 1450 mm reach. TX60 cleanroom robots were designed from the outset to comply with the stringent requirements of cleanroom environments in semiconductor and PV industries. They offer the added advantages of having a small footprint allowing easy integration into confined spaces; multiple mounting configurations to optimize cell size and the smoothest trajectory motion when transporting sensitive and expensive wafer carriers.
FAST picker TP80
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The FAST picker TP80, world’s only clean picker robot, delivering more than 200 picks per minute capability, is particularly well-suited for picking, sorting, orientating and packaging applications in various fields of small electronic and PV parts (under 1 kg). The FAST picker TP80 can be mounted on a much lighter base than parallel robots, bringing substantial cost savings and making it easier to integrate into a cell. A 800 mm reach with 100 mm or 200 mm stroke enables the FAST picker TP80 to cover a large work envelope while maintaining high speed. All electrical, pneumatic and I/0 connections are available on the tool flange with all cables running inside the arm.
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The TS80 ESD SCARA robot reaches up a repeatability of +/- 0.01 mm and a maximum load capacity of 8 kg with a speed of 100 picks per minute. The specific ESD compliant paint ensures that all accessible elements are dissipative to eliminate ESD risks in production; thereby minimizing part failures and rework costs. The TS80 SCARA robotic arm can operate in sensitive electronic environment for various applications such as PCB assembly, vision inspection, product testing and packaging of electronic consumer goods.
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Stäubli is offering the largest range of ESD robotic arms available on the market, designed to work in the fast growing electronics segment. The TX90 ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) robotic arm is designed to safely handle electronic components. The 6-axis TX90 series comprises 3 models with ranges from 1000 mm to 1450 mm and a maximum load capacity from 20 kg to 9 kg under specific conditions. The ESD compliance is guaranteed by testing resistivity, residual charge dissipation and transversal conductivity at 7 different points on the arm.
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