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ioTech Reophotonics Ltd

ioTech Reophotonics Ltd
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Cutting Edge Electronics Additive Manufacturing at High-Speed & High-Resolution

Company profile

ioTech, winner of the productronica innovation award 2021 and inventor of the cutting-edge Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition (CLAD) technology.

ioTech’s system can deposit most industrial materials (even high viscosity), at high speed, accuracy, and resolution. Digital, mask-less, nozzle-free & non-contact, it allows unparalleled flexibility of design and form factors.

Up to 5 materials can be deposited concurrently. When dispensers and screen printers reach their limits, ioTech helps meet challenging roadmap milestones. The system is suitable for multiple substrates and 300mm wafers.

Use cases include printing conductive traces, solder, dielectric, via filling, encapsulation, underfill, conformal coating, etc. Sustainable, it can replace subtractive technologies for ESG and reshoring.

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io Tech

io Tech

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ioTech Reophotonics Ltd
Hamaayan 2, 7177871 Modiin, Israel
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