YAV Modules and FastATE technology, building your ATE systems a 70% faster

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The YAV modules format

All YAV modules from 6TL Engineering are matching the most widely used mass interconnect (MIC) systems from Virginia Panel Corporation, the VPC 90 Series. They can be easily and directly mounted into any VPC MIC receiver. It is as easy and fast as mounting a standard VPC 90 series connector module. Our Form E* modules fit both the VPC MIC receiver and ITA on the fixture.

Why to use a High Quality Connector and Receiver?

In general each universal test platform needs a universal interface to be able to fit multiple test fixtures and products to be tested. This results in many mating and un-mating cycles. When only one pin of the interface between instrument and Device Under Test (DUT) is not working your whole test system is no longer working, resulting in unwanted down-time of your sophisticated test system and even worse, your production.
Typical instrument connectors are rated from 25 to 200 mating cycles, this results very quickly in unwanted connecting failures. The 6TL Engineering YAV Modules are using standard MIC receiver modules from Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC) who are rated for  20.000 cycles without signal loss, providing a very reliable connection between your test platform and each test fixture. Our YAV technology therfore is much more durable than any other compatible instrument or switch.

Why to integrate instruments as close as possible to the DUT?

One disadvantage of using a MIC system has always been the additional cabling needed between the instrumentation and MIC modules. The longer the wires and the more connectors used between the DUT and the stimulus/response instruments, the more the integration cost rise and the signal integrity falls.
The 6TL YAV Modules do not need cables between the instrument and MIC receiver. This results in a much better signal integrity due to minimized cable length between instruments, switching and DUT.

Other advantages are:

- Less signal distortion

- More accurate measurements

- Less engineering effort and large wiring cost reduction

- Fixtures standarization

- Maintenance cost reduction, easy calibration and repair

- Simplified wiring diagrams and documentation

Wide range of functions and Fully Open!

The 6TL Engineering YAV Modules cover a wide range of basic functionality, often enough to build a base functional test system. The concept is open and can be integrated with all kind of test technologies or device buses. From GPIB, CAN bus, Ethernet, RS485 or USB. The percentage of YAV Modules in a functional test solution can be small or large, depending on your specifications and budget.
Over all, every YAV or other 6TL Module will contribute to a more efficient, cost efective and reliable test solution with less engineering effort for your own engineers in designing base functionality for your test solution, resulting in more efficient usage of your own engineering process who can now fully focus on the application development.

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