6TL33 FastATE handler, a top class servo controlled test handler, scalable and modular

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The 6TL-33 is a top class servo controlled test handler, scalable and modular, following the FastATE® technology.

The 6TL-33 features a robust mechanical press system, based on four spindles and sliding columns, which is driven by a digitally controlled servomotor. The fixture bay is moving up to complete the contacting procedure. When this movement is complete, and the DUT is touching the test probes, a bypass conveyor will enable a free way so that other DUTs can be tested in other 6TL33 stations.

A testing line based on 6TL-33 handlers, can be configured with a combination of single stations and multi-stations, depending on the customer layout and cycle time needs in the process.

- Ideal for combinational test: ICT + FCT
- High accuracy multi-stage servo-controlled Press system up to 3.000N
- Multi-station operation: Bypass conveyor.
- Small footprint: Reduced dimensions in production lines
- Automatic conveyor width setting
- FastATE technology: CAN bus controlled devices: Minimum wiring and easy maintenance
- ICT, FT, Boundary Scan, ISP, RF (Anechoic chamber), vision… capabilities
- MMI with power and temperatures control with safety relays
- Tall components allowed: Up to 100mm in top side and 35 mm in bottom side
- Option of Return conveyor for transport pallet return
- 25-Modules High quality mass interconnect receiver VPC 9025 TR
- Automatic pneumatic fixture locking
- Fixture exchange time < 2 min
- Fixtures and software automatic ID check and spring probes cycles counter
- Fixture compatibility with bench top 6TL platforms for fixture debugging
- Fully expandable for quick adaption to new production requirements
- Fixtures: Capability to carry linear or rotary actuators and physical measurements

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