6TL34 test handler featuring a robust mechanical press system

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The 6TL-34 is a top-class Electronics Test handler, following the FastATE technology, meaning true hardware and software modularity as well as a real scalable solution. For medium to high production requirements, where flexible ATEs are needed, the 6TL-34 is a reliable option.
This handler is ideal for big PCBAs up to 600x478mm with low pin-count; LED lighting parts are an examples of best fit products.
Fixtures exchange operation is easy and safe due to auto-lock when detection as well as controlled automatic release.Touch screen monitors  will provide detailed status and test execution progress.
The 6TL-34 features a powerful Platform Manager, the 6TL MMI, controlling the power thanks to intelligent PDU’s (instrument switch-off while not in use, and sequential power on), the cooling system, and the system maintenance.
Overall, the 6TL-34 is a top class, modular and scalable production tool for high realibility environments.

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