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MT8000 PowerWheel® - Metal welding in a new dimension
The torsional welding process opens up new possibilities

The robust MT8000 PowerWheel® metal welding press guarantees maximum process control. Different welding modes and trigger types facilitate optimum ultrasonic welding of large cross sections.
Owing to the patented construction of the sonotrode and its new movement pattern it is possible to introduce significantly more energy (8 kN of welding pressure and up to 10 kW of output) into the weld than before.
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MPX Ultrasonics press series
Metal welding press for universal applications

The extendable MPX metal welding press can be used universally for a wide range of applications in the automotive and battery industries. With a press force of up to 5 kN and welding power of 2.4 kW, 3.6 kW, 4.8 kW and 7.2 kW, the most common cable strand joints are optimally covered. But various other joints such as contact-contact and foil can also be welded perfectly with the MPX press. In combination with the TCS5 controller, the MPX metal welding press offers various welding modes and trigger types, thus enabling optimal process control.
Thanks to the modular system, both the press and the individual workstation solution can be used or also directly integrated into the automation lines. Thanks to its robust design and maintenancefree guides, the MPX metal welding press is ideally suited to industrial use.
Telso®Splice TS3
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Your plus for reliable and fast splice connections

The Telso®Splice TS3 is a tried-and-tested, sophisticated wire welding system. It is perfect for small welded splices and its light-weight and compact design makes it ideal for portable applications such as cable harnesses on assembly boards. It can also be used in preproduction and is available in a variety of table-top and standing table configurations. The Telso®Splice features highly intuitive touchscreen operation. Jobs, splices and sequences can be defined easily on the screen or loaded via the Telso®CON data interface. Integration into MES environments is done via corresponding software plugins; for example, for the 4Wire CAO from Di.IT or customer-specific systems. Alongside the standard limit value monitoring, a bad parts cutter, anti side-splice accessory, wire stops and a user and rights management system help guarantee the highest level of quality.
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TSP ultrasonic welding systems
SONIQTWIST® - torsional ultrasonic welding systems to meet the highest standards

Telsonic’s patented torsional welding technique is an extremely gentle technique for supplying energy that significantly reduces the amount of unwanted vibration transferred to the welding object. With this development, it is now also possible to gently weld delicate products such as sensors. The extremely stable Telsonic press design can be extended with modules and operated in combination with the TCS5 controller to guarantee you maximum control of your process. A range of welding modes and trigger types enable optimum joint welding. Welding results are monitored in quality windows and automatically evaluated both graphically and statistically.
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