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CONTROLAR - Electrónica Industrial e Sistemas, S.A.


• Suitable for all BroadR-Reach™ equipped systems that require conversion to Ethernet 
• Featuring scalability and link error diagnosis
• First modular device in the market, easy-to-install and configure

The unique BRidge4Net is a new reliable device developed by Controlar to convert BroadR-Reach™ (communication protocol in vehicles) to Ethernet. Featuring scalability and link error diagnosis, it is the ideal option for all test systems applications in the automotive industry and/or ATE’s suppliers that require conversion to Ethernet.


BRidge4Net is a configurable converter, intended for conversion from BroadR-Reach™ Ethernet (100Base-T1) to conventional Ethernet (100Base-TX)*. It integrates proprietary design and compact housing, resulting in an efficient, robust, and easy-to-install device.

In addition, it includes:

• capacity for 15 modules with 4 converters each (60)
• customized software for debug and maintenance
• status displays for transceiver and link status
• RJ45 connector for Ethernet and Molex connector for BroadR-Reach™
• API for LabView™ / Teststand™


The BRidge4Net converter can be used in a 19” rack or on a bench. Its modular and scalable configuration means that less converters are needed in one system, granting reduction of wiring complexity and ensuring easy installation, debug and maintenance. Moreover, it may be designed and adapted to suit targeted applications, as a mainframe customizable solution.


The careful design of the BRidge4Net converter makes it best suited for integration of high-end test systems for the automotive industry, such as radars, infotainment, and rear/front camera test systems. Examples include applications in climatic chambers; run-in, burn-in and any multi-DUT ATE, and In-Circuit Testing, Functional Testing and Flash Programming.

For additional information, visit the product page or contact Controlar at

*conversion from 1000BASE-TX to 1000BASE-T1 currently under development


Founded in 1995, CONTROLAR is a Portuguese company specialized in industrial automation and test systems with focus on the automotive industry. Initially dedicated to developing hardware and software for this industry, the company evolved rapidly and expanded its business to other areas of industry, thus opening the range of market actions in advanced industrial applications. The company has been experiencing a strong growth and sustainable expansion both nationally and internationally, supplying new products and services with excellent quality at a competitive price level. With over 240 employees, CONTROLAR holds production facilities in Portugal, Spain and Mexico and is represented in Malaysia and India.

Bridge4Net Converter
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