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Super speed with new switchable USB hub with 3.0 standard

MCD Elektronik presents: six port USB hub with 3.0 standard

Birkenfeld, Germany, March 28, 2019: Initially produced as a helpful inhouse solution by MCD Elektroniks test engineers six years ago has now become a successful product. The talk is of switchable USB hubs. The at that time lacking possibility of controlling specific, individual USB ports became the driving force behind the development of this hub. Right now the Southern German company presents the fifth model: a hub with six downstream ports based on USB 3.0 standard, which can be controlled individually. USB 3.0 ports enable a data transfer rate of up to 5 Gbit / s. Meanwhile, the range of MCD comprises two eight port and three six port hubs.

The fact that the engineers also added customized properties like current measurement, increases the benefits of those products and explains their great popularity. The fact that the hub can be used in labroratory operations without any complications was also important to the developers. Each port can be controlled by the USB hub connection, an additional USB control connection or other external control inputs. The USB hub is operated using a 12...24 VDC power supply with at least 35 W output power, which is sufficient for a 900 mA output current on each USB port. With a stronger power supply up to 2,5 A per port are possible. An adjustable current limitation protects connected devices from excess current. Semiconductor switches separate the supply voltage and the data lines when switching it off.

The MCD Software „Toolmonitor USB hub“ is included in delivery and provides a wide range of control and operation possibilities. Whether or not and which ports are active after switching on the hub can all be configured and stored. In automatic mode, the control tries different profiles and recognizes if a device has been connected on a port and detects non-USB-devices such as USB fans or reading lights. Each port can be configured according to its operation mode e.g. as charger emulation. The current measurement with a resolution about 10 mA detects defects such as a too high / low current consumption and monitors the current consumption of connected devices.

COM/DCOM or a .Net Assembly is used as an interface. This allows the Toolmonitor USB hub to be integrated in a large number of applications such as LabView®, Microsoft Visual Studio® and many more. Furthermore, the USB hub 3.0 6-Port can also be implemented for Linux operating systems.

MCD Elektronik also distributes the USB hubs through its own online shop:

Find more information about the product here.

About MCD Elektronik GmbH:
MCD Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1983 and currently employs 80 people. The owner-managed company is headquartered in Birkenfeld, near Pforzheim, Germany. MCD Elektronik is active in Germany, Hungary, and China, and delivers to over 50 countries around the world. 

MCD Elektronik GmbH manufactures measurement and test systems for electronic production for their customers from various industries. The company relies on innovative customer-specific complete solutions - developed and realized by a team of highly qualified specialists.

The USB hub 3.0 with 6 ports is encased in a robust metal housing
Individual configurable user interface of the software „Toolmonitor USB hub“ with port-related current measurement
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MCD Elektronik GmbH
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