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MY700 – High-speed Jet Printer and Jet Dispenser --- MYSmart – versatile dispensing equipment
SMD Tower – intelligent material handling
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The SMD Tower is an automated, highly flexible and expandable buffer storage unit designed for deployment near the production line. In the SMD Tower, the right component is in the right place in a controlled environment – ready for quick and smooth changeovers in your SMT line.

• 75% reduction of labor cost
• 50% reduction in pick-and-place downtime
• 90% reduction of retrieval time
MY700 – High-speed Jet Printer and Jet Dispenser --- MYSmart – versatile dispensing equipment
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MY700 – High-speed Jet Printer and Jet Dispenser

The MY700 Jet Printer and Dispenser is fast, precise and allows you to produce complex boards with a speed of more than one million dots per hour.

• dual heads for productivity
• dual lanes for smart board handling and buffering
• high-speed high-accuracy dispensing
• solder paste and a wide range assembly fluids
• board revisions on-the-fly and changeovers in no time

MYSmart – versatile dispensing equipment

MYSmart is a complete portfolio of dispensing and conformal coating systems for electronics assembly available in three product series;

• tabletop dispensing robots
• flexible in-line dispensing solutions
• versatile conformal coating systems
MY300 – High capacity pick-and-place solutions
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With the MY300 you’re well equipped to handle more jobs, boards and components every day, no matter what the future brings.

• switch effortlessly from full volume to batch size one
• handle a wider range of components with uncompromising production quality
• high-flexibility production lines with speeds up to 100,000 components per hour
Advanced inspection that stops defects at their source
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K series 3D AOI

With the K series 3D automated optical inspection system, there’s virtually nowhere for defects to hide. Its high-precision metrology system eliminates shadows, image cropping and warpage effects, giving you reliable data and high-resolution 3D visualization for even the most complex product geometries.

PI series 3D SPI

The PI series overcomes the limitations of traditional SPI, using a patented Z-referencing technology to deliver extremely precise paste volume measurement on even the smallest pads. Measure paste volume with unmatched accuracy. Improve your process and tolerance settings with meaningful automatic pad grouping. And monitor your process in real time, both online and offline.
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