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Solder pallets and oven condensers cleaning process is a very difficult, tedious and dirty operation. MBtech has especially developed its MC200 process for you. Very robust, easy to use and requiring only a minimum amount of monitoring, this cleaning process uses three direction spraying ramps connected to a rotating basket. The MC200 will provide a perfect cleaning in a very short cycle even for over baked flux on oven condensers. The use of an adapted water-based chemical process and the efficiency of our hot air drying system allow us to avoid a water rising stage. Therefore, running cost as well as environmental impact are both extremely low. For specific applications where a water rinse step is required, our MC200+ model will meet this requirement.
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Our stencil cleaning process provides an exceptional cleaning quality through the use of our ultrasonic technology. Using our patented filtration system, the cleaning agent is constantly regenerated which extends its lifetime. At the same time, the use of a liquid based on MPC technology saves a DI water rinsing step. Consequently, the range of N29 machines allows for the perfect cleaning of solder paste as well as SMT adhesive stencils for the lowest running cost on the market. Easy to use and having a limited footprint, the N29 series meets our PLUG and CLEAN concept. With several hundred machines sold all over the world, the N29 series is available in different versions adapted to your budget requirements.
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Latest development from MBtech, N29HV Stencil Cleaner is the achievement of more than 25 years of experience in cleaning applications for the electronics and semiconductor industries. This new platform integrates the best in class MBtech patented technologies providing the most advanced system for SMT cleaning. Available with a DI water closed loop rinse with no discharge, N29HV is compatible with the widest selection of chemistries. It provides High Volume cleaning capacity with the highest cleaning quality and still for the lowest operation cost. In the meantime it can also offer the flexibility required for high mix – low volume customers. Of course N29HV is fully compliant with MBtech traceability solutions. Come and see this unique system disclosed for the very first time!
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Developed to meet the highest quality and ionic contamination requirements, our immersion process offers a real alternative to ultrasonic cleaning (forbidden on most electronic boards) and to spray in air cleaning (that often generates shadowing effect). Our Spray Under Immersion technology eliminates any possible shadowing effect. Associated to our patented filtration and to a closed-loop rinsing process, our NC25 range will allow you to perform a high precision cleaning for the lowest running costs. Because the industry is always looking for effective means of supervising their production, MBtech has developed its own traceability system. The NC25Manager goes beyond the SPC solutions and gives the possibility of having a real process monitoring for every single board produced.
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