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S!MPATI® 4.70 comes with a completely new graphical evaluation and Windows 10 support.
S!MPATI® 4.70 comes with a completely new graphical evaluation and Windows 10 support.
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Control software S!MPATI® allows systems to be networked and processes to be documented and evaluated conveniently. Since the evaluation of test runs is a key element of S!MPATI®, this function has been significantly optimized and the operating comfort has been increased considerably. Zooming, measuring, showing and hiding of graphs has never been easier.
Furthermore, Windows 7 will be discontinued by Microsoft in January 2020 and we want to make the necessary changeover to Windows 10 as easy as possible for our customers. Therefore,
S!MPATI® 4.70 is fully Windows 10 compatible and data from older S!MPATI® installations will be taken over completely.
End-of-Line Test Tunnel with transport system and electrical contacting
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High-performance sensors for autonomous driving and electronic components
(e.g. for airbags) must function reliably even under extreme temperature conditions.
weisstechnik offers customized tunnels for end-of-line testing, so that functional tests can be carried out while the product is still in production. In cold-heat tunnels, the test specimens are each subjected to a low-temperature function test at temperatures as low as -40 °C and a high-temperature function test at temperatures as high as +120 °C.
The proven cold/heat technology ensures high test accuracy and reliable, reproducible test results in 24/7 continuous operation.
Test System for Lithium Ion Energy Storage Systems
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An energy storage system must be as safe as possible. External loads, e.g., caused by high or low temperatures, fast temperature changes, humidity, mechanical loads or corrosive influences, must not lead to failure or unintended reactions.
We work together with you to exactly tailor our li-lo test systems to your test conditions.

Reliable measurements are ensured by:
Optimal test safety by coordination on EUCAR hazard level (0-7)
Diverse safety devices according to customer specification
Modular design to achieve test room size according to customer requirements
World novelty! The refrigerant of the future. –70 °C without compromise.
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Due to the EU F-gas Regulation, innovations for environmental simulation systems are more crucial than ever. Weiss Umwelttechnik took a pioneer role in refrigerant research and started a development initiative with topclass partners. Now, Weiss Umwelttechnik presents the revolutionary discovery WT69 – the refrigerant of the future.

WT69 – the future-proof substitute for R23.

WT69 has an extremely low GWP of only 1,357. Compared to R23, the CO₂ equivalent was reduced by more than 90 % (14,800 to 1,357).
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