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JBC presents the new Hot Air Station JNASE.
Miniaturization is the clear trend in the electronic market and the components become smaller and smaller. In order to adapt to this customer need, JBC has developed a Nano Hot Air Station.
JNASE is the smallest Hot Air Station in the market, specially designed to work on HDI boards used on mobiles, laptops, in high speed communication, military applications, etc.
With 3 different nozzle sizes, 0.8, 1 and 1.2 mm, the JNASE is the perfect tool to rework the smallest SMT components such as 0402, 0201, 01005 and 008004.
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JBC presents the new CDE Station with the new soldering system “Assistant.”
Based on a pre-stored soldering joint, the system compares it in real time with all the new soldering points. This function gives the operator feedback, showing a color (red, orange or green) along with a percentage to qualify the soldering process.
The CDE Station comes with an easy and intuitive Configuration Menu, new Cable Collector and an adjustable Tool Stand to perfectly adapt to operators’ needs.
All these advantages work with the JBC Most Efficient Soldering System and the intelligent Sleep & Hibernation Mode when the Soldering Iron is not being used. The extremely fast tip-temperature recovery increases efficiency and allows lowering the soldering temperature which in turn improves soldering quality.
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The new Soldering Unit HA makes the first selective soldering solution featuring Automatic Cartridge Exchange available to the electronic industry.
The new automatic Tool TRA and the Cartridge Stand CS2R allow the automatism to use the best tip for every single solder joint on the assembly to get the Highest Soldering Quality.
The automatic solder feeder SFR and the cleaning system CLMR complete the automatic soldering solution that can be adapted to any automated machine/robot to get a complete Automated Soldering Cell.
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JBC presents the new High-Temperature Wire Stripper.
The WS is specially designed for stripping high-temperature cable insulations made of materials such as Teflon*, Kapton*, silicone rubber, etc., down to 36 AWG (0.127mm) without damaging conductors.
The self-centering design included in the cartridges, ensures a perfect tip alignment to obtain accurate cable stripping.
Cartridge customization is available to satisfy any special requirement.
* Registered Trade Marks of DuPont
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