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ALTIX introduces a new Direct Imaging model: ADIX SA neo

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See us at Productronica Hall B3. 182

Val de Reuil, France – November 5th 2019 

ALTIX, a worldwide leader in UV imaging systems, is proud to introduce its all new Direct Imaging ADIX SA neo and to present it at Productronica Trade show in Munich next week.

ADIX SA neo is an all new panel Direct Imaging exposure system, dedicated to all resists: Dry Film & Soldermask.

Compared to ADIX SA, the ADIX SA neo provides a 20 to 30% higher productivity.

The new ADIX SA neo features a linear motor driven Z-axis and HD DMD coupled to an enlarged optics providing a higher UV light output.

These enhanced unique features bring a wider UV projection width (45mm instead of 20mm) to reduce the number of printed stripes and provide a larger depth of focus.

In addition, ADIX SA neo can be customized to match with customers productivity and budget, from 1 to 7 photo heads and 2 to 3 printed stripes per photo head (equipped with 4 UV wavelength LEDs per head).

Both ADIX SA & ADIX SA neo can be equipped with automated solutions. ADIX CS/F is our Compact Standard/Flip island of automation and ADIX PT/F our Pass-Through/Flip in-line automation.

Fully automatic Roll to Roll Direct Imaging, the ADIX RtR is also introduced at Productronica. This equipment combines 30 years ALTIX know-how of Roll to Roll contact printers in association with the latest Direct Imaging technologies. Digital printing of flexible circuitry in web is now available.

In addition to Direct Imaging product line, ALTIX is offering a wide range of contact printers using innovative LedLight™ sources. ALTIX is active in contact UV exposure solutions by innovating and adapting solutions to new customers’ requirement.

About ALTIX (

Founded in 1991, ALTIX is a worldwide specialist in UV imaging systems, operating at the leading edge of technology, providing photolithography solutions mainly for Printed Circuit Board (PCB), Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC) and Photo Chemical Milling (PCM) industries.

Headquartered in Normandy France, ALTIX location includes R&D center, manufacturing, sales & marketing departments.

Innovation after innovation, ALTIX has delivered hundreds of machines and more than 600 units are currently producing every day, all over the world.

ALTIX was first to deliver double-sided fully automatic inner layer equipment with its patented LEDLight™ UV light source, replacing conventional high-pressure mercury lamps.

More recently, ALTIX was first to introduce its Direct Imaging, associating with 4 different LEDs with DMD technology.

Definitively, ALTIX is recognized as a world leader for contact imaging systems and versatile Direct Imaging.

Our press contact

Frédéric BARADEL

Elodie PAYEN           

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