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onclick="toggleClgGrp('sb13-1','auto');">Industrial electronics  (I)
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onclick="toggleClgGrp('sb13-2','auto');">Automotive Electronics  (A)
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onclick="toggleClgGrp('sb13-3','auto');">Medical Electronics  (M)
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onclick="toggleClgGrp('sb13-4','auto');">Consumer Communications and Consumer Electronics  (U)
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onclick="toggleClgGrp('sb13-5','auto');">Air and Space Electronics  (L)
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onclick="toggleClgGrp('sb13-6','auto');">Military/Defense Electronics  (V)
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onclick="toggleClgGrp('sb13-7','auto');">Measuring/Testing and Automation Technology  (S)
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onclick="toggleClgGrp('sb13-8','auto');">Metal-/Paper and Printing-/Chemical Industry  (C)
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