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Cleaning, Coating and Curing and Wet Process equipment

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YES manufactures precision Cleaning, Coating and Curing, as well as Wet Process equipment for innovative leaders in the life sciences, emerging technologies, and advanced semiconductor packaging.


Three series of YES Clean Systems for gentle surface cleaning, decontamination, surface activation, descum and photoresist strip using downstream plasma.

*  COAT:

Surface modification at the nanoscale by applying monolayer coatings to induce hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties. Variety of substrates and 100 Silane precursors.

*  CURE:

Polyimide, BCB or PBO cure as well as Vacuum anneal up to 400°C using thermal and chemical processes.

*  BOND:

Low-temp direct bonding and high-temp vacuum annealing.


Advanced packaging reflow applications, like Fluxless Formic Acid Reflow.

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