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Reusable press pads for the lamination of MLBs, Flex, Rigid-Flex & Cover-layer

Company profile

Yamauchi Corp. was founded in 1918 in Osaka, Japan. It is today a multinational Company specialized in the production of composite industrial products. Yamauchi supplies high-quality components to various industries which are used in audio, visual, lamination, paper and textile equipment. In order to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers around the world, Yamauchi operates dynamic business activities in collaboration with all companies within the Yamauchi Group. 
Yamauchi Corp. N.V. located in Hasselt, Belgium is a subsidiary of the Japanese Yamauchi Corporation. In addition to the Belgian operation, Yamauchi has subsidiaries in Malaysia, Singapore, China and in the USA. For more information please visit our Website: www.yamauchi.co.jp