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Unicomp Technology

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Unicomp Technology is specializing in 3D CT X-ray inspection machines for EMS.

Company profile

Unicomp Technology was incorporated in 2002, stock code 688531.It is a national level high-tech enterprise which involved in the R&D and manufacturing of 3D CT X-ray technologies and intelligent inspection equipment. Unicomp has become the leading enterprise in worldwide X-ray industry. This technology is widely applied in Electronics, SMT, Semiconductor, LED, IGBT, Connector, Harness, Lithium battery, and other high-end industry etc.

--- Desktop X-ray for Electronics Components Counterfeit Inspection

--- Standalone X-ray for BGA Void Inspection

--  3D CT AXI for PCBA & IGBT Inspection 

--- 2D Inline X-ray for PCBA Inspection 

--- SMD Chip Counter X-ray 

--- Inline X-ray for Lead-Frame & Substrate Semiconductor Inspection

--- Microfocus X-ray Tube

--- 160kV 1um Open Tube X-ray


Unicomp Technology
Li Jiang Road No. 11, 214112 Xin Wu District, China
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