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Visitech Lithography AS

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Discover the world's most advanced maskless lithography subsystem!

Company profile

Visitech provides the world's most advanced maskless lithography sub-systems. We supply machine builders and tool makers within the PCB, Semicon, and Advanced Packaging industries. Our field proven sub-system allows high-end machine builders to integrate our maskless lithography exposure system within their existing machine concepts and enable quick to market maskless lithography tools for the future of electronics production. Our sub-system is a complete DMD based exposure system integrating light sources, optics, electronics and software. We provide a seamless hardware and software interface between machine builder and our subsystem down to 2 μm resolution. Contact us to discuss how we can create images together based on our over 20 years of experience in the industry. 


Visitech Lithography AS
Gråterudveien 14, 3036 Drammen, Norway