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Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. Europe Branch

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“The e-Material Global Company” for a sustainable future through chemistry.

Company profile

TOK develops high value-added products to meet the needs of the market under the M & E strategy based on the materials business for semiconductor markets. For next generation lithography, we exhibit EUV resist and ArF immersion resist in our booth. In addition to high-resolution resists, we also offer positive and negative resists, i-line and KrF resists for thick films, and EB resists to meet various needs. Our optimized positive tone photoresists for packaging processes feature high film thickness and resolution, high sensitivity, and high stripping capability, which are ideal for pillar and redistribution layer formation. For MEMS purposes, we exhibit photosensitive permanent films and adhesives that enable high quality fabrication of microfluidic channels and other micro constructs.


Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd. Europe Branch
Polariavenue 11, 2132 JH Hoofddorp, Netherlands
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