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Techvalley the leader of Korean industrial X-ray inspection system industry.

Company profile

Techvalley the No.1 industrial X-ray inspection system manufacturer now starts to expand boundary to wolrd-wide market.

- Techvalley provides values as

1. Quality control

“We guarantee quality of your products”

2. New solutions

“We provide bright vision to darkest places”

3. Better future

“We deliver safety to our home”

“We make our world brighter and safer”

- Product lines

1. Component counter : Hawkeye 2000

'Smart Reel Counter'

Steady seller which has been sold more than 300+ machines for 2 years.

2. Arirang CT Series (Oblique, Cone beam)

'The most User friendly'

Easy to operate on 3D which only needs 2 - 3 hours total for training

3. AXI Series (Hawkeye 9600 / 9700)

'The Game Changer'

Artificial intelligence (iTOP) based the fastest AXI in the world + 3D Volume inspection

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