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Your One and Only Company. Innovative Solder Products.

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As your "ONE and Only" company, and as one of the oldest but most innovative electronics companies,
Tamura Corporation offers you everything you need for successful electronics manufacturing:
- Electronic Components
- Electronic Chemicals & FA Systems
- Information Equipment
with a focus on automotive, power electronics and IoT/next-generation communications.
TAMURA ELSOLD has been manufacturing and developing innovative solder products for the electrical, automotive and solar industries since 1954. At the end of 2017, it became a member of Tamura Corp. with HQ in Tokyo. The product portfolio includes: solder alloys with the best reliability and lowest dross formation, fluxes with the lowest residues and best activity as well as flux cored wires and solder pastes for the highest demands.


Hüttenstr. 1, 38871 Ilsenburg, Germany
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