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Solder paste, Flux, BGA, Coating, Cleaning, Raw materials, Dispensing components

Company profile

STIRRI is a OEM/ODM-fabricator specializing in wetting and pickling preparations for SMD assembly and microelectronics repair industries.
STIRRI brings QCA to quality driven organizations - instant visual contamination certification built-in to almost every product. QC-Aid - Everyone Can QC!™
Modern SMD product lines include no-clean, water-soluble, organic formulations, variety of viscosities and residue colors - world-class soldering, cleaning and coating solutions integrated by design, engineering, compliance and technological activities for precise and consistent repeatability, compliant with ecological requirements.
STIRRI is a reliable provider for the era of space travels, unmanned aerial systems, self-driving cars and the Internet of Things.


166 Geary St #1626, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA
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