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Simco-Ion, Technology Group

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Simco-Ion & Novx the proven solution to monitor, analyze & control ionization.

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Simco-Ion, the world's largest supplier of static control and monitoring solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of ISO-designed ionizers and digital controllers to address electrostatic charge/discharge problems in clean manufacturing environments. We offer product solutions to address Industry 4.0 requirements and new manufacturing processes.  Our Novx products provide real-time monitoring, analyze, and control ionization while providing production traceability and control.  Innovative products, specially designed to operate in extreme temperatures and critical environments, meet or exceed ISO cleanroom standards.

Industry-exclusive!  We offer custom evaluations; a full application-diagnostics service to develop a total solutions package to improve operations and increase yield.

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Simco-Ion, Technology Group
1141 Harbor Bay Parkway, Alameda, CA 94502, USA
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