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Schmoll Maschinen GmbH

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Schmoll Maschinen will show 14 different machines for PCB and IC sub production.

Company profile

Schmoll Maschinen GmbH is a German manufacturer of equipment for PCB and IC substrate production. We specialize on dry processes related to the high precision registration of all mechanical and optical PCB processes, such as:

  • Mechanical drilling (through and blind holes) and routing (contour and depth)
  • Laser machines for PCB production (drilling, cutting, skyving)
  • Direct imaging machines (dry film, solder mask, liquid resist)
  • Registration systems (XRAY, post-etch punch)

We sell our machines to Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia.

We are family owned company with 80 years of history from its founding. The strategy of Schmoll Maschinen is to be one-step ahead in the industry pushing the limits in terms of hardware, software, and applications with our clients.


Schmoll Maschinen GmbH
Odenwaldstraße 67, 63322 Rödermark, Germany
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