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Experts of the Semiconductor/MEMS market welcome you.

Company profile

S3 Alliance is a distribution company providing following products for the Semiconductor/MEMS market:

  • Equipment: CMP, Backgrinding, Taping-Detaping-Mounting, Scribe + Break, ALD + Cleaning (WET + CO₂), Plasma Etch, RIE, ICP, Asher, PECVD, Ultrasonic Spray Coating, Spin Coating, CPD.
  • Metrology and Automation: Particle + defect inspection tool, EFEM, Wafer Loaders, Flat/Notch Aligners, Thickness measurement, Ultrasonic Flow measurement, SEM, Chemical + slurry concentration measurement.
  • Parts + Consumables:
    For CMP: Retaining Ring, Diamond Conditioner, Pads, Parts.
    Grinding Wheel, Shipping box, Cassette (PFA, PP, PE, PEEK), Chamber Cleaning Material, Chemical + DIW Heater, Chemical Pump. Cleaning material, Microfiber wiper.
  • Services: Repair of robots, Cryo+chemical Pumps, Power supply.

Products and services