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Reel Service Ltd.

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Reel Service Ltd Europe's premier source for tape & reel and custom carrier tape

Company profile

Reel Service Ltd is Europe’s premier outsource tape & reel company providing tape & reel service to device manufacturers, distributors, contract assembly providers and end users.  We have been providing quality component packaging & finishing solutions for 36 years.


Tape & Reel of standard outline SMD devices, non-standard devices, connectors\etched parts\stampings,  CSP\die processing from wafer and waffle pack to tape, device programming, laser marking, component preparation, lead cropping & forming.

Material Supplies

Short lead-time standard and custom carrier tape manufactured in Europe.

Plastic reels, cover tape, trays, tubes and moisture protection products.


A wide range of premier Tape & Reel equipment & Vacuum Packaging equipment.


Reel Service Ltd.
55 Nasmyth Road Southfield Industrial Estate, Glenrothes KY6 2SD, Great Britain
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