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ProSys Megasonics - Enhanced Wet Chemical Processing

Company profile

ProSys is the leading specialist in megasonic enhanced processing for single substrate and batch applications. With an install base of over 4000 systems, we help customers improve processes such as:

  • FEOL/BEOL cleaning
  • Post-CMP-, Pre-Bond-, and Mask cleaning
  • TSV/VIA cleaning
  • Resist Strip/Develop
  • Metal Lift-Off
  • Adhesive removal
  • Post-Dicing cleaning (Saw, Laser, Plasma)

Operating parameters and transducer status of all ProSys systems are measured and controlled in real-time. Our ProSys MegPie™ is the industry standard for sub 20 nm cleaning in high volume device manufacturing thanks to an unmatched cleaning efficiency and uniformity. Our direct batch systems help increase cleaning efficiency, throughput, and reduce tool downtime without the need for active cooling.