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Precitec presents CHRocodile© sensors for topography and thickness measurements.

Company profile

Precitec 3D Metrology presents the CHRocodile sensors for topography and thickness measurements at the Semicon. lt allows to measure structures, thickness, bow and warp from sub-microns to microns. The CHRocodile sensors feature high measuring rates. They allow precision measurements and are able to be used as standalone sensors or integrated into production machines for inline measurements.

They are proven at major semiconductor manufactorers in the world and are implemented in production machines for numerous types of quality control.

Precitec sensors have the following advantages:

  • Precise measurements independent of the surface type
  • High axial resolution for the measurement of intricate structures
  • Measurements also on highly titled, reflective and dispersive surfaces
  • Small spot diameter
  • Robust and compact design