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MUEGGE is a leading manufacturer of microwave and plasma equipment.

Company profile

The MUEGGE Group is a leading developer, manufacturer and provider of plasma source solutions, industrial microwave heating systems, components and hardware. MUEGGE’s product offering includes scaleable plasma sources (200mm2 -->1000mm2), Low pressure sources, Remote Plasma Sources (RPS), PFC abatement sources, Deposition sources, Etch/Strip sources, Microwave ECR sources, plasma monitoring, tuning and measurement devices. Typical operating process pressures of 0.3 – 5.0 Torr with typical process gas flow from 500sccm – 10slm. MUEGGE standard products can operate in either CW or pulse power ranges from 300 W to 100 kW, with frequencies of 915, 2450 and 5800 MHz.