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Lasertech SRL

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Lasertech CM Group chemical etching and lasercut for automotive,electronic,SMT.

Company profile

Lasertech Chemical Machining Group was the first Italian group to develop the photo chemical milling (PCM), a high technology process which consist of controlled removal of metal through the etchant; It is particularly convenient in the case of high precision, even few tens micron, of complex parts on a wide range of metal alloys up to 2mm of thickness.
Suitable for fast prototyping as high volume production, delivery time is much faster than any competing technology.
Our laser cut division is capable of extremely high precision parts, even with tolerances down to 10 microns on thickness up to 2,000mm, the same lasers are used for high quality SMT Stencil and Frames production even with nano coating.
Main markets are Telecom, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, electronic, Micro mechanics, SMT


Lasertech SRL
Via Achille Grandi 6, 20050 Liscate (MI), Italy