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Jiangsu MK located in the Jiangsu Province, total land area of 210 hectares.

Company profile

Jiangsu MK located in the Jiangsu province, Dongtai city, total land area of 210 hectares, with 8 production buildings, 2 office buildings and 1 apartment building, with a total building area of 20,000 square meters. There are a 3 main categories:
1、Aluminum Extrusion Factory
Consist of Extrusion plant, Surface treatment workshop (anodizing, electrophoresis and powder coating), Storage facility, Extrusion die production and Final quality control. Annually output aluminum profile more than 300,000 tons.
2.Solar Panel business division
Main products: solar panel frame. ground & roof mounting system, rail, nut,end clamp,middle clamp.
3.Windowr8 doors business division
Consist of technical production department, cutting&machining workshop, assembly workshop, QC department, hardware warehouse.