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ITW Contamination Control BV

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Specialty consumables for manufacture, maintenance, repair and prototyping

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Chemtronics and Techspray, companies of ITW, specialize in solutions for electronics, telecommunications, and critical environments markets. Both brands develop advanced chemistries, engineer effective and high quality cleaners, conformal coatings, and other chemical and non-chemical products to improve the reliability and longevity of electronic products as well as optimizing production output. The full line of Chemtronics’ and Techspray’s products is engineered to meet all the cleaning, maintenance, prototyping and production needs for highly critical applications such as in the Medical Device, Aviation, Consumer and Industrial Electronics, Equipment and Building Maintenance

Product presentations

Coventry™ cleanroom wipes and swabs

Coventry™ cleanroom wipes and swabs

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ITW Contamination Control BV
Saffierlaan 5, 2132 VZ Hoofddorp, Netherlands