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ISO-ELEKTRA Elektrochemische Fabrik GmbH

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Customer-specific solutions for water-repellent coating in electronics.

Company profile

Since 1906 ISO-ELEKTRA offers solutions water-repellent casting solutions in electronics and electrical engineering – competent and flexible. We offer reactive customer specific 2C solutions based on polyurethane, epoxy resins, silicones and liquid rubbers as well as ready-to-use cast resin 1kV cable fittings with our certified casting systems and socket sets. Screw locking varnish, cable insulation compound/oil, permanent plastic electrician putty and thermoplastic bitumen-based sealants complete our product portfolio. You are looking for specific polyurethane raw materials or production of casting systems – contact us!


ISO-ELEKTRA Elektrochemische Fabrik GmbH
Im Mühlenfeld 5, 31008 Elze, Germany
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