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Guangdong ANDA Automation Solutions Co., Ltd.

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World Leading Provider of Smart Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Company profile

Since 1999, Guangdong Anda Automation Solutions (stock code: 688125) has been a manufacturer of automated smart equipment and systems, offering full vertical integration of research & development, manufacturing, sales and service for fluid applications and intelligent automation systems. The company also has offices in California, Guadalajara, Penang, Hong Kong, Suzhou and Changsha, along with 20 service centers worldwide.

Anda stands as a global leading provider in smart manufacturing automation solutions, with a primary focus on fluid control equipment. This focus includes the utilization of unique technologies for fabricating high-precision dispensers, coating machines, UV and thermal curing ovens, and plasma cleaning equipment.


Guangdong ANDA Automation Solutions Co., Ltd.
17 Xiangxi Dongqu Rd., Liaobu Town, 524306 Dongguan, Guangdong, China