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Golden Triangle Group is provider and leader for global smart life service.

Company profile

Golden Triangle group Ltd is provider and leader for global smart life service over 15 years. One stop service is specialized in PCB/PCBA manufacturing, OEM/ODM, storage energy products and solution supply. High mix, low/medium volume, quick turn prototypes for R&D and flexible lead time will meet customer’s different requirement.
1. The solution of 3.2-10.2KW Solar inverter; 
2. The solution PCB/PCBA, ODM/OEM and IOT, and energy storage.
3. The product in house manufacture: Solar inverters, lithium batteries and photovoltaic panel; PCB/PCBA 
Our vision is "From Idea to product". We focus on global energy storage and solar energy for home, electronics products for industrial, automotive, medical, consumer, telecommunication, power, automotive etc.