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Fabbuilder.ai by basesite

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Smarter Building Services Design with Machine Learning and Data Optimization

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Fabbuilder.ai is a multidisciplinary generative design software solution for building services. Traditional approaches to planning utilities distribution in fabrication plants are often convoluted and inefficient, resulting in a mere 60% utilization of services. Fabbuilder, harnessing the power of optimization and machine learning, revolutionizes the design process by conducting millions of simulations with just an equipment list and layout as input. It adeptly identifies the optimal locations and quantities of supply equipment, thus minimizing line lengths. In stark contrast to conventional methodologies, Fabbuilder shines by producing designs that lead to an impressive 30% reduction in the required equipment for servicing a facility. Fabbuilder.ai: Innovating Design, Powering Efficiency!


Fabbuilder.ai by basesite
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